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U disk with USB interface, a USB device. If the operating system is WindowsXP/Vista/Win7/Linux/PrayayaQ3 or Apple systems, then the U disk directly into the chassis behind the front panel or the USB interface, the system will automatically recognize. If the system is Windows 98, then you need to install U-disk driver to use. CD-ROM drive, or can be attached to the manufacturer's website.

The first time in a computer using U disk (U disk when you plug into the USB interface) system will emit a beep, and then report "found new hardware." Wait, it will prompt: "The new hardware has been installed and ready to use." (Sometimes also may need to restart) then open "My Computer", you can see more out of a hard drive icon, the name is generally U-disk brand name, such as Kingston, the names of KINGSTON. After this step, after the U disk, then re-use, direct plug in to, then you can open "My Computer" to find the removable disk, then note that the right of the taskbar, there will be a small icon, like a gray there is a green arrow next to something that is safe remove USB hardware devices meant. (U disk is one USB device), then you can operate files as usual, as in the U disk save, delete files, or files by right sent directly to the U disk, but be careful, U disk after use after going to close all the windows on the U-disk, U disk before disconnect, use the left double-click the bottom right corner of the Safely remove USB hardware device icon, then select "stop" and then left click "OK." When the lower right corner of the prompt: "USB device can now be safely removed from the system" message until after you disconnect from the chassis U-disk, or directly click the icon, simply click the "Safely Remove USB Device"


U disk usage and maintenance

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