• Manufacturer Selection

    Flash Drive Manufacturer Selection
    Contemporarily, customized flash drive enjoys great popularity among enterprises, individuals and public institutions in virtue of attractive appearance and reliable performance. However, under the drive of economic interests, some unscrupulous manufacturers supply customers with USB drive of inferior quality to reap fabulous profits. Here, YUNZE would like to tell you how to select a qualified manufacturer.

    1. A qualified manufacturer provides mobile hard drive with sound quality assurance.
    With sound quality assurance offered by manufacturer, you don't need to worry if the hard drive you purchase is counterfeit and shoddy. And, even if the product doesn't work within warranty period, the manufacturer will be responsible for it.

    2. Actual production scale and factory establishment time can tell something.
    We all know that a large-scale company may have more advantages over its counterparts, such as price and quality assurance. Such a company is capable of undertaking responsibilities and risks as well.

    3. You may draw a conclusion after scanning the official website of solid state drive manufacturer.
    A delicate and professional website stems from large capital investment, which indicates actual strength and image of a company in some degree. A low-grade manufacturer won't spend so much money in website construction.

    4. Make an investigation on brand image.
    You can know more information about the manufacturer through internet or other channels. If the manufacturer has excellent brand image and is highly recognized by customers, you can feel assured about quality of products the manufacturer offers.

    5. Reasonable price does not mean extremely low price.
    Please remember that flash drive price is in direct proportion to flash drive quality and service quality. You should be careful with the manufacturer preaching low price.


  • Application Tips

    Hard Drive Application Tips

    1. Generally, flash drive is provided with write protect switch which should be switched over before the flash drive is connected to computer interface. Switching over during working state of hard drive is unallowable.

    2. For the hard drive with one indicator light, after the hard drive is connected to computer interface, the light will be on, and light flicker means data read-write is in progress. For the USB drive with two indicator lights of different colors, one light is on after the USB drive is powered on, and the other light is on when the USB drive performs data read-write.

    As some mobile hard drives are still in working state after copying progress bar disappears, please don't withdraw the hard drive when the light indicating data read-write is on.

    3. Since some computer hard discs reserve small space for FAT, you may be informed of error warning during copying large numbers of single file. At this moment, you can stop copying, and perform copying again after file compression.

    4. To better protect main board and USB interface, you can use USB extension cable which is generally sold together with USB drive. Or, you can purchase the cable from well-known brands. Thicker cable may be more reliable, and cable width should be less than 3m, or error may be generated during data copying.

    5. Defrag is impermissible, or lifespan of PAD flash drive may be affected.

    6. Virus removal should be performed once the flash drive is connected to computer, or the computer may be infected with the virus.

    7. For the newly purchased external hard drive, virus immunization should be conducted to prevent virus infection.

    8. Do not connect hard drive to the computer that is not started up, or computer boot-up may fail.

  • Maintenance Tips

    Flash Drive Maintenance Tips

    Flash drive lifespan is equivalent to available erase-write times. For MLC (multi-level cell) USB drive, more than 10,000 erase-write times can be achieved. For SLC (single-level cell) hard drive, erase-write can reach up to 100,000 times. To extend flash drive lifespan, you should perform maintenance as follows:

    1. Do not withdraw the USB drive during indicator light flicker, or it may cause data loss or hardware damage.
    2. Do not immediately turn off related programs after file copying is completed for the indicator light of hard drive is still on and data copying is indeed not finished yet. Waiting patiently for a while will ward off all risks and losses.
    3. Similarly, please don't pull out the mobile hard drive when computer warns that the hardware cannot be safely removed.
    4. Store the flash memory in the dry environment. Exposure to air for a long time is forbidden for that may result in metal surface oxidization and thereby reduce port sensibility.
    5. Do not connect the USB drive unused for a long time to computer interface, or interface aging and hard drive damage may be caused.